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Posted by Deven P-Shah on Dec 15, 2015
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Mish Mindy on Awakin Call - Sisters of KindnessWe were excited about Awakin Call with our sisters of kindness, Mish and Mindy, two kind hearts that have weaved thoughts, ideas, reflections and conversations with zillions of people bringing true smiles on their faces.

Reflection from Cynthia before the call captured essence of KindSpring and power of conversations with Awakin calls.

Cynthia: “Mish and Mindy, you share so much and are beloved by so many!!!! I often find myself at a loss for words when there is something I care deeply about/strongly believe in. KindSpring is one of those very special things. Even if writing and/or speaking does not flow for me today, please know that I am present, listening, and co-creating... in my own small, quiet way :) If so, then let my reflection be wholly from the heart, beaming back some of the positive energy (light and love) that you send out continuously, unconditionally to us all…”

That embodies the spirit so well. We really are listening and being our natural selves and holding the space. As our host for the call, I couldn’t have asked for a better stage.

What a treat to listen to words of synergy and love and compassion from Mish and Mindy!

What an honor to have so many of KindSpring community members join the conversation flooding us with synergies and priceless nurture of KindSpring.

Our moderator, Nocole, started the conversation with Mish and Mindy asking how it all started for them with KindSpring…

Mish: I found KindSpring thanks to my beloved husband. He had sent me the weekly Awakin email from Nipun and there was a link to, at the time it was "Help Others," it wasn't KindSpring yet. Thanks to my husband, I found KindSpring.

Mindy: I found KindSpring through Nimo, his song "Being Kind." I listened to the song and saw a link for KindSpring. I went on there and I've been there ever since. I did even get to meet Nimo last year, which was very exciting. I got to talk about KindSpring, too.

Mish: And the reason it's such a powerful place is that it's totally non-judgmental, so we all trust one another, we feel safe with one another.


Mindy had travelled to New York to be with Mish for the call. Ideas started to flow naturally from both of them talking, smiling together over the call…

Mindy shared a poem about their priceless, touching, heartwarming friendship …

We found each other with a KindSpring accident;
An intercessional gift of kindred twinnie drift.

A wand of years and physical apart,
Yet here where it matters most, we are joined in heart.

Our sisterhood is from long ago, at least a few lifetimes or so.
We are more than two with our combined lives
Winked across a perceptual divide
Hand in hand, we skip grateful for the learn,
Flinging our spirits awake, thankful for this gift of return…

As we harmonize our laugh,
Lighting our feet on the kindness path
Energies charge the air,
As we climb those infinite stairs.

No wonder Mish and Mindy fondly call themselves twinnies… :)
Mindy on her origami peace dove ministry: I really fold doves all the time, but it's always with a peaceful intent I infuse each with. When I give it to somebody they're giving intent is also magnified with their giving to someone else. It's through their energy that it's given to someone else. Who knows where the ripples go? I'm very grateful. It has also inspired some of our members to learn how to make their own


Mindy on kindness:
Every encounter is an opportunity for kindness
Every moment is a choice for happiness
Every being is a mirror for realization
Every smile is a light for the eyes
Every act is an expression of compassion
Every connection is sown with love
Everywhere, every now, the ripples are rippling
Kindness – kindness - kindness

Mish showed us the power of conversations over KindSpring portal yet again: That takes me to one very brief share from one of the members who was telling us what KindSpring means to them. They said "Mostly KindSpring is my anchor when I'm in a dark place in my life. The wonderful people on KindSpring give me that pat on the back when I need it, listen, and give me sound advice, and I know that someone is always listening," and that's what people need in the world … to be listened to, and to be heard, and to be cared about. So I would say listen to people, hear them, be present, don't be thinking about what you're going to say next, be there to hear what they're saying to you at that moment.

Mish: That's why that saying, "The gift is in the giving," is true, because people receiving the kindness are being gifted and the person giving the kindness is certainly being gifted. If I get off track or out of sorts I'll say to myself, "Okay, Mish, cut it out, do something for somebody," and it just changes your focus.

Mindy: I feel sometimes like the Grinch, whose heart grown. It has grown and grown until I almost feel like it's just going to burst. We were talking about weaving, and how we're connected.

Mindy: There's one more poem I'd like to read...

The energy builds as familiar nicknames begin to appear
Photo-tags of invisible connection
Spin a new world web of a kindness direction.
Can there be anything sweeter than hearing about a smile caused,
And loving light never paused?
New names pop up on the feed
Our community growing with each lead
Night and day, today and tomorrow,
We live in suspended time
Where each act is compassionately kind.
Strong are the silken threads
Weaving us to each other and out again
Joining hearts, we resolve
To spread joyous expansion together as we evolve

Mish: And that is why we call Mindy the KindSpring poet laureate, and why we invite everybody in. Because we are all united, ignited, and delighted, by KindSpring. We're an army of foot-soldiers changing the world with small acts of kindness, and kindness connects all of us, heart to heart.

Mindy: We are all, I believe, have the kindness within us, but we are unsure of how to bring it forth into the world to shine our light. You have given us so many gifts and continue to do so. We are fortunate that you've found our site. I feel that many, many times with our members. That when they say, "Oh, we found you by accident," and I say, "Oh, no, I don't think it was accident, I think it was a universal nudge in the right direction." I cannot stress enough how this brings out the gift in us that we are afraid to give voice to. So many times, the news is full of negativity and this and that. I don't read the news anymore, I don't watch TV. My husband is my news filter. I joke, "If it's something good, please tell me about it, and if not, I'll pray about it." To give our focus to what is kind and good brings more of that into our lives. I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction. Things like that. And I choose happiness. I choose kindness and love.  

Mish: KindSpring just changes your life, and every single member in our KindSpring family is an amazing person who has [given] so much happiness and joy to Mindy and I. I could just sit here and cry.

Mindy: We do really think of you all as family. Every single one of you. Not a day goes by that I don't send love and light to everyone. Love and Light. Yes, because that's our motto, I guess. I cannot get over the different gifts that people bring to our site. A lot of people.... like the "weathergrams," one of our members likes to make these outdoor messages. She sent me one, and you just put it outside and it shows the impermanence of anything, because it eventually weathers into the elements.

Heart from Mish and Mindy - Calm and Kindness

Towards the end of our call, I asked Mish and Mindy... How do you stay in your natural flow so easily? What is the secret there?

Mish: Do you mean, how did we get to be the way we are?


Mish: (Laughter) For me it was pain and aging. (Laughter) What can I tell you? Every time there's a life trial, as much as I might not be happy about having to go through it, there's always blessings and the growth and wisdom from pain, and just from aging. I'm 68 years old now. I've been around a long time. I've been through a lot. I would say pain and aging. And also falling in love. Falling in love is preferable to pain and aging. That's how I've gotten to where I'm at right now, and finding KindSpring three years ago just opened up my heart wide and any love you feel coming from me and the ability to be open-hearted is totally due to my time at KindSpring. Pain, aging, and KindSpring.

Mindy: I don't know if mine are the same, although I have had my share of pain and aging and suffering. I don't choose to focus on that though. I would say I really enjoy being open to The Divine Channel. I often request and put in my prayers that I am a Divine Channel, an instrument of peace, as in the St. Francis Prayer. Nature is very, very healing, very instrumental for me. I find great comfort and inspiration from every single member as well. Sometimes I feel their feelings. I'll write a poem and someone will say, "Oh, I was feeling so strongly this issue." We had a new member grappling with a lot of fear. That's a big topic for many of us. I would just have to say that opening to my creativity to me is a divine flow, from poems to drawings to peace doves.  I'd like to read one other poem.

I am lately distracted by the sky.
That billowing drift overhead,
Cloaking the sun and a fluffed, shadowed bed.
“'Cast off your thundered fears!”
The darkened depths beckon,
For a deeper, varied introspection.
Layers of tears unshed,
The clouds and I abide
At the edged evaporate
While gathering strength inside.
The core of us might brew a storm
Of wild wings beating against
Suppositions of little substance
Or we may choose to serenely swim the eternal
Azure turquoise blue
It matters little to the songs of birds
Where flying freestyle
Weathers a life atmospherically learned

Mindy: I do get great comfort from my arbor, from my many walks, from the creatures, and I feel very, very blessed to share it with you. Thank you.

How incredible experience to be part of web our twinnies of kindness spin!

The complete audio recording of call and transcript of the conversation is available on our Awakin Call page for Mish and Mindy.

One of our kindspringers and caller on that day, KM Bhai summed it all up so well ... :)

KM Bhai:

I think a smile is the most precious thing on earth and we can't buy it from anywhere. Most people have lots of problems in their lives, so they have forgotten to smile. But KindSpring gives them an opportunity to smile and to be happy. This is most important.

Please smile loudly, dear Mindy and Mish, for all of us.

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  • Mindyjourney wrote ...

    Many tx to you, Deven, and Nichole, plus all who made our Awakin call sooo much fun! Special appreciation to our dear KindSpring family. What a blessing each and every member is to our hearts <3.

  • Michaele wrote ...

    How beautifully put together this presentation summary of our call is! Thank you so much for this Deven. The love on the call was palpable; you and Nicole guided us & enabled our open dialogue to flow & Mindy & I just had so much fun & laughter throughout..a day never to be forgotten for both of us. The love & support that poured in from our beloved KindSpring community brought us both to tears. Deep gratitude for these amazing weekly Awakin Calls & for all those who labor behind the scenes to make them happen.