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Posted by Natasha Rockstrom on Nov 18, 2015
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I recently was invited to speak at the Middle East Retail Forum on the marketing panel with a focus on customer experience. Surrounded by several of the retail giant marketing reps from the region and beyond, I listened carefully to the 8 plus speakers before me. On coming around to me... I realized that the space called to speak about love. I asked the audience to recall an experience where ---- what they do for love is far greater than what they do for greed - be it our families, friends, causes we love or celebrities we follow - we all seemed to understand organically that love motivated us far deeper than greed. I shared some examples of our own experiments in the community be it from Karma Kitchen or Letters of Love to strangers and how as businesses we could love so deeply so as to remove the price tags off our business. Sharing how business experiments had resulted in getting paid more than the retail price tag of the offering does happen when we design for love - we all wondered what marketing would look like then! As I left the forum I was approached by the head of communications from LuLu Hypermarkets who shared that he had texted his team to experiment with taking the price tags off their bakery division!! He was motivated to love his customers and see what would happen from then... who knows where the ripples will go and I'm yet to uncover what followed but trust that some micro-transformations were in flow.

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