Hot Chocolate Stand

Posted by Savraj Thind on Nov 6, 2015
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On my way home this evening I drove by some very enterprising children! They were jumping up and down at the corner of the street
with huge signs in their hands that read, "HOT CHOCOLATE, $1!" I
laughed as I drove by! I turned back at the next corner so I could go back and purchase some hot chocolate! I've seen lemonade stands in the summer, but I had never seen a hot chocolate stand in the fall! What a brilliant idea I thought! I decided I would give them $5 for the great idea and on the stipulation that they would think about giving a portion of the extra money to charity. They looked very thoughtful and finally the older boy of the three said, "Well maybe we could give to the children's hospital?"I smiled and said that the children's hospital would be a great place to donate! He smiled as the younger boy in grade 2 enthusiastically ladled a third of a cup of hot chocolate into a cup for me! I told the team that I really loved their business idea! The grade two child beamed as he told me that it was his idea! He beamed even brighter when I reminded him to give some money away to charity! It really brightened my day to see these young children creating a lucrative and socially responsible business!    

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