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Posted by Savraj Thind on Oct 17, 2015
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Today I gave to a charity that helps women look and feel better while on chemotherapy treatment.  It's amazing how a makeover can make such a difference to a woman who is not only fearing that her life may end but also has to suffer other physical distress such as loss of hair and a constant state of exhaustion. I bought three tickets for the raffle and asked the lady to give my tickets away to the next person. They were happy to do so! I walked away and was then rewarded by bumping into a booth for the Girl Guides! I bought my favourite cookies from the sweetest little girl in pigtails. My lovely afternoon ended by seeing my favourite cashier at the grocery store. She always calls everyone, "honey or dolly or Hun!" She must have called me honey and dolly at least 5 or 6 times during our brief interaction and every time she did, my heart went "boom, boom, boom!" I told her that I was so happy to be in her line up because she is always so pleasant. She looked thrilled to hear that and smiled even bigger than she already was! She told me that she'll be retiring soon but she'll really miss all the nice people she sees everyday! Bless her heart! 

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