Pranidhi On The Business Of Teaching Yoga
--Zilong Wang
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Oct 2, 2015

In our Summer Laddership Circle, Pranidhi teamed up with Geet and Nicole in a breakout call to explore Gift-Based Pricing. At the time, she was knee-deep in launching her new yoga studio, and exploring how to design all elements of it -- from the physical space to fee structures -- in a way that embodies the transformative values and spirit of service of her yoga practice.

In late August, she had a radiant launch (complete with smile cards!), and the ripples keep on flowing! Earlier this week, we came across her heartfelt HuffPo article on her experience and experiments in designing for transformation: "The Business of Teaching Yoga".

Humbled to witness the many ways seeds continue to be planted, nurtured, and find opportunities to bloom as conditions ripen.

Go Pranidhi! :)

A few (of many) excerpts that stand out...
I practice because yoga is the most effective tool I've found for inner transformation. I teach because it's the most authentic way that I can be of service...

We've taken a practice that teaches abundance and contentment, and funneled it into a capitalist structure that breeds scarcity and competition... When we're not making enough money to make ends meet and our class numbers are low, likes, shares, pins, and retweets become the measure of our self-worth. I've started to wonder- are we promoting introspection or consumption? Are we inflating our own egos or surrendering to to the greater good?

...What happens when we shift from a transactional system to a trusting one? Quite simply, we're allowed to return to our natural state -- one of kindness, compassion, and generosity...

...I realize that there are a lot of question marks here, and I don't have all the answers. I do know that it's imperative that we live these questions instead of questions of how we can gain more followers and attract corporate sponsors. We all have the power to transform contemporary yoga culture. We have the power to take one small step toward a more authentic approach. And when we do, money becomes not the elephant in the room, but a tool that serves as an expression of our ideals...

Posted by Zilong Wang on Oct 2, 2015

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