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Posted by Fernando Grajeda on Sep 30, 2015
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Hi friends! Last week I had a bit of a frustrating moment as I started to only see the "barriers" of making a change in my workplace. I was focusing too much on the bureaucracy which is implied in working with corporations, even if the projects are about helping employees become more aware of their own selves and their own strengths. I shared my frustration with Audrey, Birju and Zilong and it was impressive to feel their good vibes and moreover, to receive the best advice: "create your own metrics of generosity and kindness in your office so that the focus goes into goodness". The next morning I talked to the guy who looks after the cars of our office and then shared a warm sandwich on the street. I got to know a bit about his life and his daily routine. Afterwards I had a conversation with some of my colleagues whom I was feeling a bit of frustration and asked them to forgive me if I was sending negative vibes to the group. They were surprised of this conversation and this opened the door to a more profound and generous conversation. Today I still know that there is bureaucracy but my focus isn't in that little stone, but on the sun that shines each and every day. Thank you my siblings in service for helping me change the perspective of this situation and thank you Birju for inviting me to share this on the feed. All the best my friends!!!

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  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Super inspiring to hear your ripples, Fernando! And to learn from how you continually respond to such "barriers" with an intention to give and stay grounded in small acts of love.