Experiment In Being Love

Posted by Natasha Rockstrom on Sep 3, 2015
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When completing the Laddership circle with Service space what emerged in the last reflection circle was my commitment to give a gift back in gratitude for the elevation in being that I had received. The only way to articulate that was to share that I would embark on a 6 month experiment in BEING LOVE.... and oh what miracles have appeared daily.

Yesterday I was caught off guard meeting our angel investor who stopped by to say hello. As I sat there honoring my experiment of being love (holding a space of simply being love and allowing life to emerge from that space around me and give myself completely to that flow) I sat and smiled silently at our investor whereas usually I would have paraded into a conversation defending our current status, sharing our projections etc etc. He then shared that recently we haven't hit the milestones that we should as an organization but that in fact he was willing to commit to the investment as agreed as he completely believed in our strength.

He told us that he deeply loved us and that our intention was pure and that life would find a way ahead for us. He shared that however we decided to steer the organization he would agree with as he just could 'feel' that things were headed where they should.

Tears welled in my eyes as I held the space for this beautiful experience to happen to me... and once again realized that being love and showing up in my life with that silent energy and hosting my space around me was giving me gifts and miracles that I would have been too busy to see. :-)

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Comments (5)

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Beauuutiful, Natasha! Excited for your Awakin Call this Saturday! :)

  • Kozo Hattori wrote ...

    Be Aloha, Love it, Natasha. "See" you Saturday.

  • Nicole Huguenin wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing your experiment with us! What a wonderful example of trust over transaction. :)

  • Anuj Kumar wrote ...

    Wow! Awareness and love :)

  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    This is such a beautiful story. Chills! I can't wait for tomorrow's call.