Valentine's Day Wisdom
--Pavi Mehta
1 minute read
Feb 14, 2008


We've heard it said that this day -- which once belonged to a legendary saint in whose wake loving deeds flowed like a river -- was hijacked so many years ago by corporations looking to cash in on a beautiful state-of-the-heart technology. They who strode in preaching a catchy new religion: I love therefore I buy. And maybe we bought it. At any rate we've been blaming them ever since. Why give them so much attention? This time around why not make this day about something more than either cliched consumerism or ritual ranting ... why not attempt a daring coup? Maybe all it requires is for you and me to listen deeply -- to ourselves.

Because sometimes just listening to your heart can be a revolutionary act. What if we all started? Now.

Perhaps we might start a trickle of loving deeds that grows into a river ... and somewhere an old saint will smile.



Posted by Pavi Mehta on Feb 14, 2008

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