Posted by Natasha Rockstrom on Aug 10, 2015
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HAPPY WEDNESDAY MUFFIN: We were invited to design for generosity within our laddership course and at Injoy Giving we decided to play doorman at the entrance of our building and welcome people to work with a home baked chocolate muffin and a smile card to invite them to carry the practise forward. We were surprised with big smiles, some strange looks as two girls thought they had to pay for muffins and slowly wondered back from the elevators as they realized the muffins were gifts given freely. Lastly some tenants wanted to renew their leases to the building right away if we were there as a weekly treat. Some couldn't believe they were in Dubai (does this really happen?). We laughed till our cheeks hurt and had an awesome day redesigning a daily ritual for generosity and within the unexpected space of the elevator hallway!

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  • Michaele Premet-Rosen wrote ...


  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    So sweet to see this, Natasha! :) What an awesome way to brighten hallways and hearts on a Wednesday morning! :-)

  • Neeti S W wrote ...

    Chandani and her million dollar smile!!!! :) Awesome!

  • Khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    So wonderful! brings a big smile to my face just seeing your beaming faces :)