Interview With Dr. Kshama Metre

Posted by Ward Mailliard on Jul 26, 2015
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This past April, our senior students at Mount Madonna School went on a learning journey to India as part of their "Muditaa Project". Muditaa means joy at the happiness of others.

We just posted up an interview between Dr. Kshama Metre the head of CORD (Chimayananda Outreach for Rural Development) and our students. She is an deeply dedicated woman doing great important and gorund breaking work. One of our seniors, Zoe Kelly, wrote about the experience:

"Everything she said was rich with wisdom, but one quote in particular stood out to me. “Take the journey within and the one without won’t be so daunting.” This sentiment struck me very deeply. At this point in my life, there is a world of unknown ahead of my classmates and me. Soon we will be leaving behind the comfort of childhood to enter the mysterious world of adulthood. Such a transition is daunting and can be very overwhelming. However, Dr. Metre made me realize that my journey isn’t defined by what college I go to or what profession I choose. My true path is one for my conscience, and I create it every single day, through my thoughts and emotions. This journey, “the journey within”, is completely under my control."


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Comments (4)

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Thanks for sharing, Ward! Inspiring to hear how the interview prompted your students to reflect how "the journey within" is completely under their control. :)

  • Ward Mailliard wrote ...

    Dr. Kshama Metre is one of the most dedicated people I have met in the world of service to humanity, and I have met many. She has selflessly dedicated her career as a doctor to serving those most in need.

    Her work with women in the villages of northern India is both empowering and transformative. We visited the women's projects and saw directly how communities are being improved and strengthen by helping women establish their rightful place. CORD at Sidhbari also gives medical support to the physically challenged who are seriously underserved in many communities.

    Dr. Metre's wisdom, humility and courage inspires us all. We hope you will enjoy this conversation with her as we did.

  • Lavanya wrote ...

    Lovely advice to treasure and follow!

  • sneh wrote ...

    Have worked with CIDA and Dr. Metre for over 20 years. Everything written and spoken about her still do not do justice to what she did with her sacrificial life for Swami Chinmayananda and the rural women of India.