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Posted by Meghna Reva on Jul 8, 2015
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Our Awakin Circle in Ahmedabad was really beautiful. Based on Lynne Twist's reading, we had some beautiful insights on money and its natural flow.

Neil opened with a beautiful story of a Day Care system, where when money was used as an incentive to solve a problem, it made problems worse. And that the situation then shifted from Trust to Transaction. He also shared about the times when people did not have insurances, and how the community was your real insurance, where each one contributed into the well being of the other. A few others also shared about their journey and stories with finances and how each one is trying to shift that conversation into an alternate currency, beyond money. Avni shared about how she would want to shift her contribution from large corporations towards small artisans, by traveling to their communities and supporting their art and buying from them while also fulfilling her own love of wearing pretty clothes.

I was particularly touched Cheena's powerful share -- a beautiful story on the flow of fate, and how holding on to one's flow of money (or fate) can actually obstruct us from truly living our lives. It is in that flow that we all land up taking care of each other in inexplicable ways. That our survival depends on a lot more than money, and that money is just the means and not the end.

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