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Posted by Bhoutik Mehta on Jun 17, 2015
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I'm sure many of you watched Warriors win the NBA title last night. Dub Nation in the house! :) The whole season, the Warriors played selflessly and handled themselves with character. In the pivotal game 4 of the finals, coach Steve Kerr implemented advice from a 28-year-old: "Accepting and implementing strategic advice from your team DJ is kind of like President Obama making a major foreign-policy decision based on a suggestion from Lenny the White House rose-pruner." Yet, there it was, an ode to collective wisdom. :) 

It was only fitting that Iguodala got the Finals MVP award:
All season long, Andre Iguodala had to answer the same questions over and over: How did he feel about not starting? How did he feel about coming off the bench? As an Olympic gold medalist and former All-Star, didn’t it bother him to sit?

Iguodala, true to his nature, never once bristled at the line of questioning. Never once did he give any indication of frustration. Instead, he patiently recited the company line: The team comes before any one individual. He was willing to do whatever the team needed to win.

In the NBA Finals, Iguodala’s patience and maturity paid huge dividends for the Warriors. Tasked with defending the best player in the world, Iguodala turned in the performance of a lifetime. Iguodala slowed down LeBron James just enough for the Warriors to win their first title in 40 years. And Iguodala found enough life in his legs to provide a real spark on offense, too.

After scoring a season-high 25 points in Tuesday night’s title-clinching win, Iguodala was named the NBA Finals MVP. He is the first Finals MVP who did not start a single game during the regular season.

“It’s really fitting that the award went to Andre because he sacrificed his starting role from the first game of the season,” Kerr said. “That set the tone for our whole season. An All-Star, an Olympian saying, ‘OK, I’ll come off the bench.’

It’s a unique brand of basketball Iguodala plays. And it’s refreshing to see the NBA award someone for something other than scoring. Teamwork. Defense. Selfless play. Every coach in the league preaches these ideals.

Andre Iguodala embodies them.

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