Ripples At Our Peace Conference!
--Fran Faraz
1 minute read
Jun 11, 2015


We had our annual Peace Conference back in April, and it was amazing! Not just because students showed up in record numbers this year, but more because the shift I experienced during our 6-week Laddership Circle, changed the way I approached the spirit of the conference this time.

One thing I was sure, was that I wanted to have the spirit of giftivism alive. We decided to gift the students to attend the conference at no charge, despite the resistance from many who believed students will not have value if they don't pay and most importantly will not show up if there is no monetary obligation. They also were worried where would the funding come from? How can we afford this event?

The amount of contribution and collaboration was unprecedented.

Many actually donated their time, their gifts and talent to provide us with artistic center pieces, gifts for our guests, gifts for the participants, and beyond. These items normally cost us a lot money and they've never been this good! Also many local grocery stores and restaurants have never been this generous! Speakers were awesome and dynamic. Thanks to Saturday Awakin Calls, one of our speakers was Jess Markt, whom everybody loved.

Here's an album of photos from the day!  

Posted by Fran Faraz on Jun 11, 2015

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