Ordinary Looking Girls With Extraordinary Gifts

Posted by Komal Brahmbhatt on Jun 5, 2015
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I always thought all-rounder meant - the one who is pretty good in studies and may be somewhat in other one or two activities. But it got completely changed after I met these amazing girls from remote tribal villages of Dharampur in south Gujarat. I along with 9 other friends got to stay with them for 3 days as a part of our internship. We also visited their home and village on one day. 

They knew everything essential for normal living along with nurturing their internal purity. They had a healthy relationship with nature and everyone around. They had a full day starting from early morning 5 am to 10:30 pm (some days even later) and a beaming smile. Along with their personal daily chores everyday these girls would clean up the whole campus, cook food, did farming, cattle rearing, regular school work and ace in different sports. The campus didn’t have any janitor or cleaner. Everyone got together and worked together. The beauty was not only in their endurance to carry out so much but the way they did it. The love and friendship that they have between them and with everyone around is not loud but so subtle and silent. Everything was done with so much perfection and love. They were acing almost each and everything. They have played sports at different levels – state and national. There was a beautiful ease being around them. The love with which they taught us how to make rotlas (bread) or work with cattle or climb trees made it effortless.

They are truly phenomenal! Feel extremely humbled. Grateful for meeting these beautiful people.

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Comments (4)

  • Anuj Kumar wrote ...

    Self sufficient and community sufficient :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Harish Bhuvan wrote ...

    Had best time with them :)

  • Divita wrote ...

    These girls were superb..!! They were so energetic :-) I had learned many things from them how to face difficulty and always have smile on their faces in any situation. I would love to visit them again:-)

  • Komal Brahmbhatt wrote ...

    I agree😊👍🏻 piplos😉