"Joy In Giving"

Posted by Padmaja Murtinty on May 14, 2015
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Just wanted to share my experience of” joy in giving” which happened on the last day of 21 day challenge. I live very close to Safeway and usually walk with Mahika, (my 18 month old) for groceries. I enjoy the walk as there are so many beautiful trees and flowers on the way and it gives me a chance to practice the "being mode". This particular day as I was approaching the Safeway, I saw a young couple sitting with a baby in the entrance and the man holding a poster that said " No job for 2 months, we have a child, please help us". My heart broke seeing the mom sitting there and breast feeding the baby. I came to know that they haven’t eaten since morning, I did not have any cash with me, without asking any further questions, I went into the Starbucks close by and bought some food for the mom and got some cash and as I came out to give them the money, I saw many others were moved and started giving then what ever they had. I realized at the time of need our consciousness takes over and we become one to help each other. I handed them the money and food and asked them if they had any place to stay. The man replied he has a small place to stay with his uncle who is also having problems with his job. I looked at the baby's face (It was so cute) and tears rolled out my eyes and I could relate to the mom immediately. I had some baby clothes to donate and thought of grabbing some more food from the house. I told them I will be back and grabbed all Mahika's old clothes and some more food and ran towards Safeway, but they were gone. Felt sad for some time, but I am grateful that I could give little bit I had a chance connect to the other person at the being level.

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