The Urban Ashram Launches In Pune!

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Nov 28, 2007
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Our dear friend, walking pilgrim, and Tiger Team member Sheetal Sanghvi has launched an "Urban Ashram" in Pune.  Here's is their elegant mission statement:

The Urban Ashram is an experiment with the universal consciousness.  It is a community of global pilgrims, wandering teachers, and artists engaged in the creative act of producing a universe of greater possibilities.  It is a meeting ground for the creative, the comic and the cosmic individuals who wish to explore the true nature of the Universe.

The Urban Ashram is an initiative to create an urban oasis for spiritual rejuvenation.  It is a space for people to explore life through celebration, connections and charity. 

It is a space to explore, experience and encourage each other on the journeys of life.  It is a space inviting us to bring into our daily lives the qualities of love, compassion, awareness, balance and sharing.

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Comments (2)

  • paresh patel wrote ...

    spending few hours at the urban ashram is like experiencing heven on earth. one can feel the energy around the atmosphere at the ashram while perfoming yoga and meditation.. i appreciate the work carried by mr. sheetal sanghvi and wish him best of luck.

  • jeet chakarborty wrote ...


          this is jeet. i m as a Yoga teacher. now days i m teaching in " one life success health club" in Panchvati.

    there , we r comunicate your org. of last evening n  last few days before i was meeted one person who are member / owner (i don't no) in ur Ashram.

    they invited me in Ashram. but they not meet me again .

    so that i m interest in ur Ashram very much (it is a not job appling like this).i wise give me a One hour for one sesan in ur Ashram. it is free of cost for you.

    thank you for reading masg.

                                                                   your faithfully

                                                         jeet chakarborty.