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Posted by Audrey Lin on Apr 22, 2015
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We've been receiving some great applications, just by word of mouth, for our 2nd Laddership Circle (that starts in June). Today, Natasha from Dubai, wrote this on her application question around defining generosity:
"My grandmother has been my role model. She was a nun who ate what she needed, with few possessions that fit in a small bag, a heart big enough to take in the whole community and a peaceful smile and big hug always available - she is always guiding me in breaking barriers of what it means to practice generosity. The biggest act of generosity I've ever done is most likely in the smallest things from writing love letters to strangers, surprising neighbors with anonymous gifts, to donating my car for a week to someone in need, to starting a thrift store, fundraising to build two schools, to giving away my little wealth at that time and packing my life into two bags to travel 3 continents in 3 years to serve social business and learn about social enterprise. Along the way we sold hugs for bananas and learnt that everything we would ever need was already with us to begin with. "

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Comments (2)

  • Shail Shah wrote ...

    Thanks Audrey and Natasha! That was beautiful and it just shows that the simple things in life is all that we really need :) Kudos!

  • Roshni Shah wrote ...

    A beautiful reminder!