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Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Apr 10, 2015
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Almost eight years back, I met Jagatbhai at Manav Sadhna for the first time at Gandhi Ashram. I loved the beautiful work happening at Gandhi Ashram. colors, textures, designs, children, energy of the space was simply amazing! I learnt a few things from him. He taught me how to make a paper bag and a paper cap and gifted that to me. 
Paper Bag making workshop
I was in my first year of graduation back then. In a few years circumstances and opportunities lead me to start Handmade Hope - a community platform for creating employment for economically underprivileged individuals. I always feel grateful to Rahul because of him Handmade Hope was born
After the continuous offline community building and sustainable employment model using "paper bags" as a tool we were going very steady till the monsoons of  2014 brought heavy floods which lead to complete wash off and we had to start from scratch. 
The time in-between a new idea sparked and we decided to move a step forward to create an online store for our paper bags to make it available across the country.

Once we started the store, I felt there are more possibilities with this store and decided to bring in other startups and organizations who make beautiful products and support local communities. 
First thing that came to me was Manav Sadhna because of the bonding of so many years. But I was a little skeptical because I have never seen the products of Manav Sadhna in the online space but it just took one phone call with Vandana didi with whom I never had a direct conversation before. 

Last month after so many years of connection, work and talking with Vandana didi, Jagat bhai, Yogesh bhai, Anjali, Jignasha and Swara a synergy was created because of which we have reached a space from where I am pleased and overwhelmed to share that the amazing products of Manav Sadhna are now up on the online store of Handmade Hope. 

It fills me up with so much happiness and joy. I always felt I am always receiving so much from this space and I don't know when will I get an opportunity to serve and here I am now, happily dancing! :)  

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  • Shail Shah wrote ...

    Thx Rushabh. Amazing work that everyone is doing. Please share the link for the online store.