First Times.

Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Mar 27, 2015
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So finally Vipassana happened for the first time. I am grateful to this space and specially to Jignasha for making the magic happen. It was necessary to start with this because I haven't written anything after that. So much of over whelming gratitude is what I have been feeling that the "need" of "doing" anything just for the sake of it has disappeared. I feel like I am in space where I am trying to filter out the stuff which I used to do for satisfying my own ego or to show it off from what I really feel like doing and what I believe in. 

Today, just a few hours something beautiful happened. 
My sister, Isha cleared her exams which is going to be a major breakthrough in her life. After dinner, we were sitting and she wanted to celebrate with an ice cream or a cake. Mom and dad are out of Vadodara so it is just three [me, Isha and Foram] at home. Inside something moved me to experiment with a different idea to celebrate her success.
We decided to sit in silence.
Yes! :)  We sat in silence for 30 minutes.
The reason why this was really beautiful is because this was the first time ever a silence happened in my home.
Isha sat for the first time ever in her life in a silence and surprisingly she dint even move before I played the prayer on my phone. I loved that moment. 

Somewhere I am thankful to Swara, Karan, Trupti, Jignasha and Foram as we have decided to practice silence at our homes and share it on the google sheets as an experiment idea shared by Audrey and her friend as it helps and yes it definitely does. 

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