A Circle Deepening Our Collective Commitments

Posted by Zilong Wang on Mar 26, 2015
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A circle, like a river, is ever-present, never twice the same, always nourishing.

I felt very grateful to be in a circle of noble friends tonight, who were all participants in a Work That Reconnects training for people of color, led by Joanna Macy

As the conversation progress, the theme of "living into our commitments" emerged, inspired by people like Adelaja and Pancho who are walking the walk, living gently on Earth, honestly to themselves, kindly to others, and bravely in the world. (As we heard of Pancho's commitment to do without cars this year and thus have been biking to Santa Clara from Oakland, our circle marveled at the determination, and came up with many "practical ideas" to making the late-night bike ride safer, such as cutting holes in the Earth flag to reduce wind drag, or use the Earth flag as a sail -- kite-biking.)

As the Spring Equinox brings renewal, we went around the circle, reflecting on the question, "What commitments are you living into in the new season?" We shared about doing the work that makes us come alive, on cultivating abundance, gratitude, on right relationship with money and livelihood, on the difficulties and support to keep to our commitments. 

We felt deeply grateful to have each other's presence, listening and support. With pinky fingers linked around the circle, we "committed" to convene at the turn of every season, to strengthen our commitments, to remember and renew. 

Reminded of a story I heard recently: the teacher asked the student to look around the meditation hall, at his fellow cultivators, and asked, "Do you think this is the first time that you have sat with these people to meditate together?"

Indeed, old buddies, so glad we are walking on the path together again.

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Comments (3)

  • Varsha wrote ...

    Reminded me of some times biking with them... not quite that far in distance, but I remember it felt like that ET scene of bikers ready to fly. :) I liked reading of the "pinky promises." :)

  • Kozo Hattori wrote ...

    Like I told you before, Zilong, we have been soul brothers for many lifetimes. So grateful to have you in my circle again. {{{Hugs}}} Makala Kozo

  • Richa wrote ...

    Beautiful reflection! I am so glad to know you and others from WTR. The bonds we have created are so meaningful and supportive. No matter the time that passes between us, we are able to come together as old friends. I hope we never lose that. Can't wait to see you again Zilong. Much love to you today and everyday.