Three Steps And Bow Gratitude From India

Posted by khushmita Sanghvi on Mar 19, 2015
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Last week, as we bowed once again to close our Moved by Love retreat, our entire community was washed with emotions of immense gratitude for this simple yet profound 3-steps-and-a-bow practice of values and surrender. As anchors, Shaalini and I felt very called to share what this practice truly means to us and how bowing our heads to the ground is cultivating deep seeds of love, faith, humility, gratitude and surrender within us even if we don't realize it at the time.

Just felt like acknowledging this invaluable gift that many elders in the ServiceSpace community have instilled within so many of us. As each person shared with tears in their eyes, their profound experiences, we couldn't help but pass on all the metta to all of you ... and especially Rev. Heng Sure and Marty for gifting us this inspired practice of love and peace.

Thank you. For me, I had this deep realization that even when all of us move on, these values will still stay alive ... and that was very empowering.

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Comments (3)

  • Sima Sanghvi wrote ...

    3-steps-and-a-bow was truly one of the highlights of the retreat, and it really encapsulates all of the values, insights and emotions felt throughout the 3 days into one simple act. Thank you!

  • Guri Mehta wrote ...

    Ran across this write-up by Pavi...about Rev. Heng Sure and Marty's 3-step-and-a-bow pilgrimage. :-)

  • Shyam wrote ...

    One of the best practices in the retreat.My eyes were filled with tears of gratitude after completing the three steps and bow practice.Service space volunteers washed our feet and I wanted to wash their feet in gratitude.