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Posted by Deven P-Shah on Feb 26, 2015
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Pacha, is inside a bubble floating in the air, dancing and singing… thrilled that she is connected to trees, the sky, clouds, flowers and everyone around her.

Suddenly the bubble drops, and she finds herself in her bed.

It was a dream.

“Mama, I had a dream that we are all connected, the whole world!” Pacha beamed to her mom.

“Why don’t you create a video about it sweetheart?” her mom replied.

Pacha acted on her dream. She created the video.

The video reached to youth all over the world. Pretty soon, young kids in Johannesburg, South Africa and Los Angeles and Chimichagua, Columbia and Mexico City and Oakland, California and Atlanta and Republic of Togo are dancing … they are frolicking to Pacha’s tune … in classrooms, in parks, in streets.

Here is the fascinating video of Pacha’s dream and her story…


I saw the video on website of our Awakin Call speaker Aaron AblemanPacha’s Pajamas.

I couldn’t wait to hear the story of Pacha’s Pajama - Aaron’s story that is - his inspiration and journey imagining, creating and grooming Pacha’s Pajamas.

“So, what is the story?” Here is what I captured… :)

A discrete ad in newspaper looked for help at home. Aaron’s parents applied for it, found the work that moved them to the basement of the owner, Michael Douglas. :)

So, began the fascinating journey of Aaron when he was a young kid.

When he was 8 years old, Aaron got opportunity to live in Nicaragua with his mom. She was a nurse, and a genuinely caring individual. Aaron got to see kids with apparently challenging living conditions that still had the magic. Aaron found a lot of things common with him. Aaron felt connected to them.

When they moved, Aaron’s family got a place on a farm – a place in middle of green expanse of trees, flowers and open spaces. As, the economy grew in the 1990’s, the open green spaces started turning in to shopping malls, more commercial buildings, roads…etc. Aaron’s parents preserved the vintage ambiance and environment in their own small world. In Aaron’s view, his place that once was part of a big, natural habitat was now an oasis within quickly changing world all around it.

It wasn’t only about preserving the green space around their abode.

It was also about preserving what the family thought was a key to quality of life – enjoying small things, connecting with people, trees, flowers and all things that surround them. They enjoyed music. They enjoyed dancing. It was all in a way that connected them naturally to people and things around them, as opposed to so many families at the time getting hooked to TV and other media.

Aaron: “I was soaking it all up like a sponge – all things at home, and all the changes happening around us.”

In his teen age, Aaron got chance to get in touch with a number of really good story tellers.

Aaron: “For fast-moving life and culture, trees and flowers and land and everything had a $ sign attached to it. However, the powerful stories showed me the majestic beauty in them. We are so hardwired to listen to the stories. Stories can have profound impact on our life.

It became Aaron’s dream – to create a stage, an opportunity for young kids to connect with their inner voice, their dreams and give it a creative expression.

He set out on a mission to cultivate seeds of pursuing dreams - where you are with what you have.

Aaron started writing about it. His stories took a while before they got accepted. However, Aaron had the drive and the fire of a vision from inside.

He persisted…

Aaron has always been around art and music all his life. While working with young kids, he realized how powerful art and music can be for young kids to channel their energy.

Aaron: “The impact of media such as the internet, TV …etc can be so profound. Kids may end up spending 8-10 hours a day swept away in its flow. We need other ways for them to develop, express themselves in a creative way.”

Pacha saw a dream while sleeping in her pajamas.

Aaron is on mission to get kids their own “pajamas”. Put them on and get yourself in a groove to dream, to imagine - and then to act on realizing your dreams, your vision.

And that’s the story of Pacha’s Pajamas – a forum for kids to express themselves using art, music, and off course their own dreams.

While browsing through I saw the message below on Pacha’s Pajamas. And I got my call to action…

“Get your PJs on Deven… Every time that you put your PJs on at night time, think of your dreams. What are they? What is close to your heart? Set your bearings true to that North, and drive to live that journey that unfolds along the way.”

Note: You can listen to the conversation with Aaron, or read the transcription on Aaron’s Awakin Call page. :)         

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  • Nicole Huguenin wrote ...

    What a wonderful write up Deven! And your call to action is absolutely magical!

  • Deven P-Shah wrote ...

    Thanks Nicole!

    Smiles, Deven