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Posted by Alissa Hauser on Feb 24, 2015
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Beautiful report from friends at Movement Strategy Center: Love is Power, Practicing Transformation for Social Justice. It is a reflection about how transformational practice is informing today's social justice movements. There are examples such as unpacking #blacklivesmatter and how it is a movement based in love and transformational practice. "Now is the time that we see that love is a more powerful force than anger. Time that changing ourselves individually and collectively will change the world." I'm curious how people on this feed relate to social justice movements. This is a "pre-release" copy for all to enjoy!

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  • Bela Shah wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing this resource Alissa. I've been thinking about this a lot in the context of ethical leadership and the social justice work of Dalai Lama Fellows. In the document, she shares,

    "While they only spent two weeks together, Garza and the community of organizers she worked with found a rhythm, established practices that grounded their work in purpose, and built deep and authentic relationship with each other. At the end of each day together we would come back and share food and experiences. Then we’d end with a chant or a song or a prayer. These rituals are really important. They ground us in our bodies and remind us how we got to this place. They remind us that all our ancestors did some kind of ritual. We were only together for two weeks in Ferguson but the people I connected with are still family."

    What I've learned about movement building from Service Space is that relationship building through authenticism, love (not the surface level love but the real love from the uncluttered heart space that allows you to see and feel the struggles and triumphs in your fellow human being), deep listening, and trust in the emergence of community serve as essential building blocks for any social justice movement. Reading about Garza's experiences underscores this learning for me in a very powerful way.

  • Alissa Hauser wrote ...

    thanks for this reflection Bela!