Karma Kitchen Tokyo Covered In Media
--Maki Kawamura
Feb 24, 2015


Ever since we started Karma Kitchen Tokyo two years ago, we have continued to spread the spirit of gift in Japan. We now host it once every two months, and will be hosting our 11th one next month! 

The community is definitely developing and there are so many nice stories around KK.  Every time we host KK, meet such lovely people and witness their transformative reflections, I see the strong possibility of this ripple spreading across Japan.  Its greatest recipient is perhaps me -- because I have myself learned so much from the experience of creating a kind-hearted space like KK.

Most recently, Sotokoto (a famous magazine amongst 20-50 year olds) decided to run a story on KK in their magazine (see below) ... and it turned out that person in charge of the issue was a volunteer from the past, so when he came for the interview, we realized that he already knew all about its spirit!

Thank you, all, for the continued inspiration and sharing your values with the people of Japan!



Posted by Maki Kawamura on Feb 24, 2015