Requesting Questions For Otto Scharmer's Awakin Call

Posted by Somik Raha on Feb 22, 2015
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I am collecting potential questions for Otto Scharmer's Awakin Call. For those who haven't heard of Otto, here's Nipun's writeup about him. Can you share your top question as a comment to this post?

Here is my current list of questions:
--You grew up on a farm; looking back, how did that impact the values that you currently cherish?

--Your PhD dissertation was titled: "Transforming Capitalism as a Revolution From Within". That's an intriguing title; can you share more?

--Theory U is your most famous work. [Describe Theory U a bit from our lens] For those unfamiliar with it, can you share a summary of it?

--Your most recent book is about a shift from ego-system to eco-system. I think it appeals to many people, intellectually, but do you think it's feasible to create a system without a tipping point shift in personal and culture consciousness?

--Your research highlights seven accupuncture points to bring significant social change. Where do you think the new quantum leap of innovation will come from? Business, NGOs, government, academia or something else?

--Who are your heroes of social change?

--The most recent course you taught had 28 thousand students online. Can you share the lesson you learned from it?

--From what I understand, you introduce ServiceSpace to everyone in your classes at MIT. What about SSp resonates most deeply with you?

Please add your question as a comment to this post. Thanks a ton!

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Comments (4)

  • Parth Savla wrote ...

    Did you ever hit a "low" point in your life, more so, a point that brought you to question your current path? If so, how did you keep yourself grounded, focused, and forging forward?

  • Bill wrote ...

    It appears that many if not most economic problems arise or are exacerbated the condition that money currently serves two opposing functions: medium-of-exchange and store-of-value. Could this not be alleviated by reconceptualizing money as a public utility to be *used* - like roads, water, sewerage - rather than a thing to be owned (and therefore under-productively hoarded)?

  • Tom Christensen wrote ...

    There is much research arguing for maturation trajectories of individual and collective change. Does your work address a particular spectrum on that trajectory? And/or the whole spectrum of these human differences?

  • Abhishek wrote ...

    What really ignites the fire of transformation in an individual? When does that seed which we all have within us really sprout? (the seed to serve, to grow, to learn and to evolve)

    What can we do to let it bloom in more and more people? Do we even need to or you see it as a natural occurrence that humanity's own journey will unfold?

    And how do we move people who are very well settled into unproductive ways of being? Do we need to? What introduces the 'restlessness' to grow?