Silicon Valley Signs: Stop - Do Not Pass - One Way

Posted by Jyoti on Feb 19, 2015
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Occasionally there is an image from the day that lingers in the mind, and technology now enables me to sometimes capture it. Recently, I took this photo as I waited in my car at an intersection. Looking at it now, it is speaking to me ....

Silicon Valley is booming,
But not for all.
Is it time to Stop?
Take a closer look.
See it says,
Do Not Pass
If you take
The high-way

With "Spare Change"
He cares for his dog
A loyal companion
Willing to pause
Birds huddled above
Witness and declare
We won't fly
Till someone
Meets his eye

We are all
Really going
One Way
Its ok to pause

Heart's Brother
I applaud your
Holding the sign
To remind me
Of the way, to
Be the Change     

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Comments (2)

  • Michaele Premet-Rosen wrote ...

    Beautiful , Jyoti; brought tears.

  • Bradley Stoll wrote ...

    Thank you for the reminder Jyoti. We all live in different realities...but he and I could be in each others place.