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Posted by Terry Koch on Feb 17, 2015
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Having transcribed Garth Gilchrist's Awakin Call, I had the gift of a close-up acquaintance with this inspiring discussion between Garth, Deven, Nicole, and many callers. There was a lot to take inspiration from, but what particularly stuck with me were the poems -- by Wendell Berry, Garth himself, and Mindyjourney. It was like coming upon a brook in the woods, refreshing and bracing. I was also taken by Garth's meditation on the word "just." Too often, he pointed out, we describe something as "just" this or "just" that -- "just" a sparrow or "just" a roadside flower -- which ends up minimizing that beautiful thing and our experience of it. I see that in other areas of life, too.... Emotions are "just" chemical reactions, and so on. Garth has inspired me to watch out for that word "just." I have gratitude for having been able to listen.

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  • Jyoti wrote ...

    I always remind the women who tell me they are 'just' stay-at-home moms that it is the hardest job I ever had. I also gently share the research that if moms were paid for all the driving, house-keeping, cooking, laundry, care-giving etc etc, it is estimated to be worth over $135K p.a. in US dollars - as of a decade ago now. Probably revised upwards since.