Inspiring Audrey After 21 Days Of Kindness

Posted by Jyoti on Jan 27, 2015
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A shout out to thank Audrey for coming to inspire the 21 who completed the 21 day kindness challenge today. They did pretty well on the silly face challenge for the group photo too. Good stories & reflections with lots of smiles.

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  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Was inspiring to see the culture of care and open-heartedness you've created in your class, Jyoti! :) Loved your students' beautiful reflections on their 21-day kindness challenge-- like how one noticed her small acts over time have 'rubbed off' on her housemates, and another mentioned that her "leave a place cleaner than you found it" act boomeranged back to her with a home-cooked thank-you dinner that's resulted in a new tradition of weekly "family" dinners. Thank you for creating such an inviting space for your students to share and grow together!