Piloting Six-Week Laddership Circle

Posted by Birju Pandya on Jan 27, 2015
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On ServiceSpace engagement spectrum, somewhere in between an online university and an incubator, is a space for project initiators to dive into our gift ecology processes, learn about the nuances of leading with inner transformation, and hold space for new designs to come to light.  Starting tonight, we are piloting a six-week Laddership Circle with a group of seven Generosity Entrepreneurs (GE).  Every week will focus on a particular theme, that progressively builds up from the personal to the systemic, as the GE's engage in pre-assigned readings and practices, spend 90 minutes on a video conference, share reflections and project design updates on the group feed.  

This is the culmination of several months of brainstorming, and we couldn't be happier to kick it off with this initial batch of love warriors ... 

Calvin Liu noticed that people often get disconnected with gratitude, because it can be sometimes awkward to express it. So he's created a new app -- OutPour, with lot of great media buzz -- to make it easier for everyone.

As the Director of the Peace Studies program at Golden West College in LA, Fran Faraz where she host an annual Peace conference -- and is continually building up a younger generation of inspired activists and giftvists. With her, you always feel that "Peace might have a chance."

After producing Money and Life, Katie Teague decided to offer it to world wide audiences on a gift basis. Her latest creative venture include quotable cards that she affectionately calls Dharmagram.

The month after her land in Boulder caught fire, Mira Hatland was diagnosed with cancer. Previously a serial entrepreneur, she was now at a crossroads -- that ultimately led her to start Sunshine Pottery Studio, where she is keen to operate in a gift-rooted way.

Nicole Huguenin felt called to be in service, but in one of those moments, she went out for a walk. And that became her way of service: Wild Dream Walks, where you walk and hold circle with others around each other's wildest dreams.

Scott Merrill is an economics teacher at SF's Waldorf school who throws in things like a Kindness Days and gift economy. "Revolutionary" is what they call him in the school newspaper, and that's before they hear about his ideas for a new school. :)

From being a news editor at CNN to Harvard and NYU media degree, and a decade at NBC, Scott Paul has seen media's impact on the human psyche. Now, he wants to use it to spread wisdom.

To add to mix, Audrey, Nipun, and I are also active co-creators in the circle. And on the periphery, we will have the benefit of seasoned veterans in Pancho, Pavi and Prasad -- and Tapan, who will joining every week to just listen in and support emergence.

Ultimately, we are hoping that we try radical ideas that push the envelope of generosity, within ourselves and the world around us.  We promise to fail often, :) and to hold each other as we fall, and keep you all posted with our lessons. 

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  • Richard Whittaker wrote ...

    Whoa! Big thumbs up to you all!

  • Tesa wrote ...

    Very inspiring! Looking forward to hearing more about what unfolds.

  • jon madian wrote ...

    You folks are amazing; this is terrific (as far as I understand it :))

  • Nicole Ming wrote ...

    Wow - happy to join! Thank you so much for this great opportunity! :)