Yesterday I Went To A Restaurant ...
--Fran Faraz
1 minute read
Jan 19, 2015

Yesterday I went to a restaurant and my food was under $10.00 and they said they couldn't accept Credit Card. So I purchased a desert to bring my bill up and asked to wrap it to go. As I was walking back to my destination (I was in an an amazing workshop by the way!) I passed through the bus station,... A couple and a child walking toward me, looked very depressed and low energy. The look on their face showed a level of stress that I couldn't mistake it for anything else. I immediately thought I should give them the desert, but I wasn't sure with that much stress if they would even accept it from me! As I extended my arm and invited them to take the desert, their faces changed. A big smile came over them and the child stood up from the stroller and said "Thank you". This all transaction took less than 1 minute, but the impact on me is still present and I'm sure it's the same for them too. I have to thank you all for taking the awkwardness of generosity away from me. I've been practicing this for a while and each time it becomes more and more the natural way of being for me. Thank you all. 

Posted by Fran Faraz on Jan 19, 2015

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