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Posted by Abhishek Thakore on Jan 6, 2015
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It is hard to not miss Jayeshbhai - so when Shaheen came as the chief guest for our girls program, it felt like a reunion. More so, when she shared a couple of lovely stories of Jayeshbhai! One was a story about them travelling on a hot day in an AC car. The car stops at a signal and Jayeshbhai rolls down his windows. The street kids get 3 minutes of cool air blowing on them! Another one was Jayeshbhai taking packets of cigarettes playfully from people. When asked "Why do you do that? What about free choice" Jayeshbhai simply replies "If your brother would smoke what would you do? These are my brothers" The joy is to see how the power of these small acts ripples way beyond the local space where they do and how the effect the family is growing so chance encounters are high and not uncommon! Most importantly, the school girls being inspired to do random acts of kindness was left with a smile and a chant "Jay Jagat!"

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