150 Awakin Calls!

Posted by Amit Dungarani on Dec 28, 2014
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We recently finished our 150th Awakin Call!

Over the last three years, every Saturday morning (PST), we have held space for inspiring conversations on wide-ranging topics from business and inner transformation to moving from ecosystems to egosystems. Our guests have ranged from the former head of Amnesty International, Wharton's youngest tenured professor, a path-breaking neurosurgeon and former CEO of AT&T in China, to the soccer-playing celebrity champion of Survivor, a prize-winning journalist, a socially conscious hip-hop rapper -- and many remarkable, everyday heroes. :) Even more significant than their history of accomplishments, is the kind of content they end up sharing. Not just listeners, but guests also share gratitude after the Awakin Call, for being asked questions from a distinct lens of inner transformation.

Every call requires about 25 volunteer hours, and its ripples are spread via live-tweets during the call, and afterwards through audio recordings and blogs. Kanchan and Deven lead a great team of 38 volunteers, that include call hosts to moderators to scribes to audio techies. Bela probably has the maximum number of write-ups since our beginning, just as Nikhil anchors the digital editing of the audio files, and Birju has most often been our go-to moderator! In 2014, we averaged 59 RSVP's per call (one week we crossed 250!) but with the online archives and our social media strength, any conversation can easily reach more than a hundred thousand folks.

We have many new ideas in the works, like posting call transcripts and deepening community engagement after the call and formatting richer profiles of our guests and tighter integration with other ServiceSpace portals. I'm sure we'll keep stepping things up in 2015!

I still remember the summer of 2011, when we started a weekly check-in call just to keep our interns connected. But then we realized that others also wanted to join, and we had many people who had inspiring stories to share. So we kept going. Our first recorded call was that winter and we have hosted one every single week since then. We've witnessed many beautiful ripples in our many-to-many context, but we don't have to go farther than our own coordinator in Los Angeles -- Deven. He first heard the Awakin Call with Suresh Parmar (on "Village Intelligence') and was shaken up. He immediately joined ServiceSpace, did a 21-Day Kindness Challenge, started actively volunteering, even had his son intern with us last summer, and is now a core anchor for the team. In a touching note Deven recently sent to some coordinators, he concluded with a sentence: "I'm a changed person because of Awakin Calls."

With gratitude for so many people in so many directions ...  

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Comments (3)

  • Michaele Premet-Rosen wrote ...

    Deeply grateful to all of you who make these calls possible. These calls have become a regular to part of my Saturdays. Bless.

  • Geoff Nedry wrote ...

    That is awesome! A deep bow of gratitude to all those who make this possible. The ripple certainly does not stop with you! :)

  • Angela Bergmann wrote ...

    Thank you for all of the time and energy you all put into these calls. I just joined my first one last Saturday. It was inspiring and supportive. I am deeply grateful!