Gift-Economy Lemonade, Video Version

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Sep 6, 2007
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Earlier this summer, the NY posse went out to Central Park to gift lemonades.  Next week, they went again.  By the third week, many media folks were after  them.  Fourth week, they gave out 750 lemonades.  Today, they're still at it, and now volunteer in over half a dozen cities are planning on replicating it.  Here's an email we just got today:
I passed by Central Park that Saturday evening, (my first visit in 11 years) and recieved a smile card from a girl. I couldn't believe what a good idea it was, and it touched me so much that I had to stay watching for more than 10 min. I didnt talk to anyone but it made me want to cry!  Now back home in Costa Rica, I've been telling everyone what happened to me with free lemonades and lots of smiles!! and planning to start soon the same project!!!

For Shephali's birthday gift, co-conspirator Birju offered this wonderful video of their lemonade photos:

And for those who don't recognize those shirts, read the story of how we were tagged by them. Perhaps we should start using them for Karma Kitchen too. :)

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  • Jenny wrote ...

    What I have to say about this is simple: I am struck by the raw beauty, and quiet power, of giving of oneself freely.

    Thank you.