Money Talks, We Interpret

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Sep 9, 2007
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Money Talks, We Interpret

You might know that Thought-of-the-Week has over 28K active subscribers, you might know that Liz has been doing weekly audio and is coming out with a compilation CD, but what you probably don't know is that Prasad Kaipa is delivering a unique and original photograph with each thought every week.

Knowing Prasad's many accomplishments, one might not think of photography ... but alas, wait till you see his rather astonishing collection!

Every week, Prasad spends couple of hours reflecting deeply on the passage, and then offers a photo.  This week's photo (above) is no exception -- a photo of a cab outside Buckingham palace that reads, "Money talks.  We interpret.  [We live in financial times]"

Thank you, Prasad!

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Comments (2)

  • HDM wrote ...

    Thanks you Prasad for all you do in the spirit of service.

  • Micky wrote ...

    Thank you. I saw the photos! So lovely.