Questions For Sujatha Baliga

Posted by Radha Ivaturi on Nov 8, 2014
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Lots of excitement for this week's Awakin call with Sujatha Baliga.  In response to our RSVP note, a caller wrote back to me and already posed a question: "I do have a question for Sujatha. I have suffered what I would call unforgivable acts as a child. I then grew up, joined the Marines, went to war and did things I deeply regret. And after the military I did things in my life that have hurt others deeply. So I have struggled to forgive those who have harmed me and struggled to forgive myself for the ways I have harmed others. I am more than a victim of violence -- I am also a perpetrator. And in some ways it is easier to forgive those who have harmed me then it is myself.  I would love to hear her thoughts on this."

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