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Posted by Nipun Mehta on Aug 13, 2007
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None of us at CharityFocus know who Charlie Diggins is.  Charlie passed away earlier in the year, and his wife put up a memorial website with stories and photos about him.  Stories like this one from Stacey:

I remember Charlie crying at his own wedding... a lot. It takes a real man to do that.

I remember watching my friend at incredible velocity, skiing down a very steep slope at Incline, absolutely free, perfectly happy.

I remember Charlie coming to my house in Belmont with his tools and creativity and skill, rebuilding an ancient landing on our rickety stairs... all he wanted in return was to go to a Giants game.

I remember Charlie's fierce political opinions.

I remember Charlie as one of that group of amazing people who came together to save each others' lives 20 years ago... we carried each other through and my friend was a huge part of that time... always there... constant... never too serious.

I remember riding in Charlie's truck, ALWAYS hearing some music I'd never heard before.

I remember when Charlie met Meghan, and how he just knew she was the one he'd always been looking for, and how happy he was knowing that.

I remember my friend's love for his children and how much that changed him, how much he mellowed, how that huge heart of his really started showing.

I remember Charlie's voice on the phone during my relapse after 17 years clean. He was crying, and his words were a very important part of me coming back. Thank you my friend, I love you so much for that.

I remember Charlie's laughter, his quick smile, his wit.

My one word for Charlie Diggins: playful.

Top of his website has a note from his wife: "Here's a link from Charlie.  He passed it on to me last year, and now we'll pass it on to you. Maybe you'll want to switch from yahoo, dog wrestling, or other dribble.  Maybe not."

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Comments (2)

  • yasmine wrote ...

    thank you for sharing this, nipun. i've kept clicking over to charlie diggins' site over the last couple of days, simply because this quote of his makes me smile so much: "Hey, you know what I like about you? Everything." -- Charlie Diggins so many heartwarming, inspiring stories about him, too. i lowve it. may we all be so compassionate and giving.

  • Meghan Diggins wrote ...

    I don't know how to express the overwhelming feelings I have as I see that you have posted Charlie here. I found it quite by accident, googled my name just to see what came up, and found my beloved yet again. I try every day to be as he would be, and I can never quite master it. I am so pleased that his way of being and his words are still giving heart to people. He would like that. He lived -- and still lives -- for human relationships, a master at anonymous giving. You encourage me to keep adding to his site, and to keep developing my own abilities to give more. Thank you.
    -- Meghan Diggins