Brought My Grandmother New Shoes Today. ...

Posted by Mia Tagano on Oct 27, 2014
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Brought my grandmother new shoes today. She walks very little because she stays in a wheel chair most of the day (it is easier to keep track of her since she has dementia and is a fall risk) but you should have seen her with her new tennis shoes on - practically dancing down the halls telling the nurses and other residents, "look at my new shoes" giddy almost, just like a happy little child. Three of us walking together holding hands, with her in the middle laughing. At one point, we stopped to see my new friend Mr. Le who I spoke of before - one leg, no teeth, doesn't speak english and yet somehow radiates love and gratitude. The first time I sat with him, he was crying. Today, he shook hands with us and spoke to us in his home language, a twinkle in his eyes, and a happy way...we didn't understand what he said to us but it ended with a 2nd handshake using both hands, a hug, and my grandmother saying, "okay, we will see you again soon!" as we waved smiling....a moment of connection, of joy, one that the dementia mind might have already forgotten but no matter, the heart remembers. 

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