Fallin' Into An Attitude Of Gratitude
--Anne-Marie Bauer
1 minute read
Oct 14, 2014


As we witness the Autumn leaves paint the trees outside wonderful warm hues- I have also taken notice of the "Attitude of Gratitude Tree" picking up some vibrancy on the pediatric floor I work on as a travel nurse.  I've been here less than 6 months, but feel so grateful to work with so many amazing nurses and co-workers who are not afraid to open their hearts and minds- who not only practice kindness and empathy with the patients they care for, but have now been practicing a gratitude mantra of "Thank YOU".  Where 'Thank You' does not just mean- "I'm thankful for your assistance/help/kindness..etc, but also  "Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to help".  Where now also our daily huddle messages include quotes like 'Mindfulness is the miracle by which we can call back in a flash our dispersed minds and restore it to wholeness, so that we can live each minute of life"-Thich Nhat Hanh.  Wishing everyone a Happy Fall, and hope you too will Fall into an Attitude of Gratitude! ;) 



Posted by Anne-Marie Bauer on Oct 14, 2014