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Posted by Abhishek Thakore on Sep 30, 2014
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Had the honor of spending a day of reflection with Rajaji (Rajagopal PV) of Ekta Parishad. Over the last 45-odd years, Rajaji has organized the most marginalized people of India in a non-violent, Gandhian Way. Some touching stories included how he went about reconciling with the bandits and dacoits of the Chambal Valley (in the 70s) and did it successfully with patience. From there on, his has been a journey of constant service and including - Ekta Parishad's last action was a padyatra from Gwalior to Delhi with over 60,000 people! The demand was for land reforms and it was met - at one time, 3 people were killed. Yet not a single person from the crowd retaliated - instead, they meditated. The police came to control and protect them in the day, and then approached them in the night saying they want to learn from them! Such magical stories of soul force, and -particularly the power of walking. Someone mentioned that they heard that someone was walking to Pakistan without money - and it was our very own Yogeshbhai! As I wished Yogesh Bhai, my heart was filled with joy. Tomorrow, he begins his walking pilgrimage to Pakistan. Such a joy to be connected to sources of soul force ....of our entire family :)

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