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Posted by Geoff Nedry on Sep 26, 2014
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On my 4 hour drive to the airport from the fabulous Service Space retreat, I had the Grateful song by Nimo rolling around in my head. When I told my "kindness chauffeur" Anne, she said "I have the CD, I'll put it in!". We listened to the CD over and over while we drove and talked. It was great! Then to top it off she gifted it to me when I left since I did not have a copy. How lovely but there is more, as it is a gift that keeps on giving! Last night on the way to softball practice with my 10 year old kindness sidekick Rachel, it was playing when I started the car. I have played the video for her before so she asked me "Isn't this one of your Smile friends?" I told her it sure was. She smiled and said "Wow he must be rich!" Having met the wonderful Nimo, I told her he was rich in so many ways and she completely understood. She then told me it was super cool that some of our Smile friends were famous. She was already excited that she met "Smile" author Pavi, who signed her book for us. Now she has added musician Nimo to her list of famous Smile friends! Thanks Anne for the CD and a big hug to all of our "Smile" friends, famous or not, for sharing your hearts and gifts with us. You are helping me teach my daughter how important kindness is! :)

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Comments (3)

  • Afreen Malim wrote ...

    sooo sweet! :-)

  • Viral Mehta wrote ...

    rachel rocks! :)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    And little does Rachel know that SHE is famous in the eyes of all of her dad's "smile friends" :) I've shared her story with so many people in the last few years :) Thanks Geoff for sharing this!