A Sweet Smile Card Story Recently ...
--Afreen Malim
1 minute read
Sep 7, 2014

A sweet smile card story recently shared :-) "My 9yo grandson has gotten bit by the smile card bug for a while now. We were trying to make them ourselves but people tend to just throw pieces of paper away without reading. He started a new school this year in a new state (he moved to Va near me) and was a little apprehensive about being the new kid. However he asked could he take my last 3 smile cards to school just in case someone needed a smile. He came home very excited about sharing two cards with schoolmates he felt needed them at the moment. He was overjoyed as he told me how they started smiling after they read the card. He is asking for more cards because he is determined to make his school, his church, his neighborhood, and the state of Virginia smile."

Posted by Afreen Malim on Sep 7, 2014

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