Lunch With Aman - Oasis On A Workday

Posted by Deven P-Shah on Sep 4, 2014
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Aman and I met over lunch today. It’s a nice change-of-pace lunch for me on a weekday in middle of packed work schedule.

First time Aman and I met was at Awakin circle on mother’s day. The power of holding space and sharing what comes from the heart in Awakin circle is so profound... It immediately brought in comfort level to engage in a nice conversation. Context switched in minutes for me, guard went down and ideas started flowing. Hectic work schedule, timelines, customer issues …etc all instantly disappeared.

We talked about our common passion – developing youth. Aman shared his experience working with interns and their Monday night calls, “I was always looking forward to the calls because everyone there was so natural. We shared ideas without worrying about anything. It is a very good feeling.”

I picked up a few things about the Art of Living course on meditation and healing. I might take that course. Sitting in one place and trying to still the mind isn’t one of my fortes. An hour of silence at Awakin circle is definitely trying me to say the least.

Aman shared a story. I was thinking about it while driving after the lunch.

Aman, “We were sharing in a circle about a trying moment in life and how an answer for that came from inside. Everyone had an experience to share. It was very touching. In middle of this, one person became emotional; tears came out from his eyes.”
That person said, “When I was able to slow down my mind, I got answer to my challenge from inside. I am so thankful for that. ”

Being able to observe my own thoughts and connect to voice from inside is so profound. One more inspiration and nudge for me to meditate... :)

We tagged someone. A gentleman quietly engrossed in his phone while waiting for the food seemed to me a “perfect candidate” to tag. Gave Smile Card to a server and explained how we will take care of his lunch.
Server gave him the Smile Card and did it all perfectly except that this being random act somehow didn’t come through. While leaving, that guy stopped by and thanked us. With a nice big grin on his face said, “This is so nice. Thank you. Here is my card. ) I will do this to someone tonight. “

That is… tag someone to pay it forward.

That he gave his card was a nice little reminder that it is a lunch on a workday in heart of a business area... :) But, tagging worked. His name is Gunther. Emotions in Gunther’s eyes made the day – hard to describe them in words. It is priceless.

Aman said tagging someone together is so much more fun than doing it by yourself. Couldn't agree more... :)

Meeting felt like an oasis - stillness on a workday lunch. What more can I ask for?

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Comments (3)

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Thanks for sharing, Deven! Smiling wide reading about your stillness and kindness conspiracies during a workday lunch. How awesome. :)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Great stuff, Deven -- and love the tie! :)

  • Amit Dungarani wrote ...

    So glad the two of you got to meet! Keep the inner-connections going!!!