Dear Beloved SS Community, Two And ...

Posted by Sarika Jain on Aug 27, 2014
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Dear beloved SS community, two and a half years ago, my heart was broken. Luckily, at that time, my sister, Smita, introduced me to ServiceSpace, and since then, my life has been remarkably different. I went through a profound healing and heart-opening through hosting Awakin sits, and received so much support and unconditional love. I even met my beloved, and husband-to-be, Krishan, through this special community. As an offering from my heart, tomorrow I'm holding my first-ever webinar - How To Heal Your Heartbreak (mindfully!). It will be at 3pm EST. Please join me, if you, or a loved one, is going through a difficult break up or loss... or simply to support me. Super excited, and nervous at the same time... if anyone has tips on holding effective webinars, please let me know :)  

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Comments (3)

  • Steve Chan wrote ...

    I wish I could join and support this, but it's at the exact same time as my class. Will it be up online as a streaming video at a later time?

  • Shail Shah wrote ...

    Aaaahh Sarika, so much love to you. You're such an inspiration to so many of us. You have goodness from within, and you exude it with so much passion in all that you do. So grateful for all that this SS community has given us all.

  • Sunaina Chugani wrote ...

    You are amazing Sarika, plain and simple. So grateful to be in your orbit! You are going to heal so many people with your golden heart and generous spirit. Sad to miss this webinar but really hope there will be more!