Adam's Five Hundred: PUNK'd, Generosity Style

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Jul 18, 2007
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Ok, so I received the $500 from Silas and launched into my Generosity Entreprenuership ... Silas and I had a conversation and we decided that all of the money was going to be given away on our way to a Native American reservation in South Dakota (which in and of itself was a mind blowing experience).

The first $100 was given to a young man named Jesse who we COUCH SURFED on our way to SD. He spoke about starting a wind farm with a friend and it felt so right to put him on the right path and give him a nest egg to start his savings from.

The second $100 was given away in a PUNK'd style. I gave $100 to a gas station attendant and told her up to that amount to tell whomever was buying gas, drinks, food, whatever, that it was TAKEN CARE OF...then to give them a SMILE CARD. The catch is that with Silas' camera deftly hid, we caught all of the reactions on tape. Generosity PUNK'd ... it rocked ... From the first person buying cigarettes to our last person a PRIEST, it was quite an experience.  Lots of great stories. There may be a problem with the footage, but no matter, the experience was amazing!

And the final $300, was given to Jim Miller (the medicine man we stayed with)...His open heart, how he allowed us into his family...ugh...I just wanted to give him everything I had.   At the end, he gifted me with a special pendant that President Jimmy Carter had given him, which had me in tears.  Truly an amazing man. 

After that, I started a Shakespeare Lab at The Public Theatre here in New York. Reading poetry, being passionate everyday while coupling it with giving has been extremely rewarding. I'm taking things from what I've learned in working with Silas and Nipun and implementing them into my work.

I'm establishing a group of actors who just ACT...we're going to just go out into the world and read poetry. On the subway, streets, wherever. To bring love, joy, passion, language to everyone we meet. What it becomes I have no clue. WE'RE DOING SMALL THINGS!!! YEAH!!!

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