Art At Kindness Temple
--Harshida Mehta
2 minute read
Aug 10, 2014


As our friend Eduardo came in this morning, his eyes were wide open in amazement -- at how our front yard was transformed in just one day!

The weeds were cleared, organic soil and organic manure were mixed in from the back yard, and the straight line of the 18’’ adjoining wall of the balcony was transformed into a modern art without touching the sprinkers. The material that was used was already back in tool shed, leaving no trace behind. Olive tree that we had been gifted found a perfect spot, and the leaves were already dancing with joy. And now, the space was ready for edible flowers that I have been dreaming of planting for a long time.

It all happened because of Joserra -- who we had the privilege of hosting with us for a few days.  What a generous heart he is.

In informal conversations with Joserra, I had learned how he was gardening in the slums of India as a way of service. For almost three months, he picked up plastic again and again, everyday, on lands that were used as trash. In the process, he built friendships and in subsequent months, he transformed that land into a vegetable garden and taught the slum residents and local municipal school children to care for it. I can easily imagine what that must've felt like, because that's what I felt myself today.

I heartily feel our home runs on the kindness of others and kindness of universe. Thank you Joserra for the kindness, thank you everyone for the kindness and thank you universe for showering us with kindness everyday from the people who walk in and out of our humble home. ​   


Posted by Harshida Mehta on Aug 10, 2014

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