Rev Heng Sure's Mother Passes Away
--Pancho Ramos Stierle
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Aug 1, 2014


Rev. Heng Sure's mother just passed away.  Here is a message he sent to us:

My mom passed away yesterday at 5:00 PM. I made it here the day before and was able to sing with her and see her smile.

She died peacefully and we children are celebrating her life as much as mourning her passing.


Heng Sure

Some of you may remember this beautiful "Letter From a Proud Mother" that we had posted a while back.  Some excerpts:
The Abbot was a stocky man in a gold-colored robe. His face was unlike anyone I had ever met. His expression was one of compassion that was guileless, yet wise. After getting acquainted with him, I had the eerie feeling he knew what I was thinking. [...]

The exchange after dinner with other mothers touched me on a deeper level. One of the American nuns, an Asian guest and I were asked to talk about our sons. The nun was a "Left Home" person -- a man or woman who has taken the Buddhist vows and broken family ties to be part of the Buddhist order. In her earlier life, she had a son. The Malaysian mother and I both had sons who had left home to become monks. We were of different ages and had come from different cultures but we had the common bond of a mother's love for her child and we shared the same sense of loss.

The Malaysian mother also had my concern for our sons being swept up in beliefs we felt might exploit their youthful zeal. But my stay at the monastery convinced me that my mistrust and doubt I had carried were of my own making rather than being based on reality. I realized, after getting to know the Abbot, I had misjudged his purpose and Heng Sure's judgment. I agree with the nun who said, "Now it is time for you to learn from your son." [...]

The many kindnesses of the Buddhists made an impression that has stayed with me. They live their religion in a way that I admire. I know Heng Sure will never marry or give me grandchildren, which is disappointing, but as a Buddhist teacher he is influencing many more children than he ever would as a father. It makes him happier than anyone I know, and I can honestly say I am proud [of my son].

Thank you, Mamá Debbie, for all your sacrifices and love.  It is because of you that we have had the opportunity to receive so much from Rev. Heng Sure.  It is my privilege to join others in inter-faith prayers of gratitude.       

Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Aug 1, 2014

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