Breakfast In Bed For My Parents
--Vishesh Gupta
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Jul 31, 2014


[As a part of our weekly internship assignment to do acts of kindness, here is a note I sent to one of our mentors yesterday. Since many people have asked me to share, I'm posting it below. Thank you, all, for helping me grow in generosity, compassion and selflessness.]

Dear Amit-bhai,

I wasn't able to make your call, but I did listen to the stories and follow the links posted later online, and I was deeply inspired by your commitment to connecting with everyone around you in the most meaningful way possible.

That's a picture of my parents eating breakfast in bed this morning that my sister and I cooked for them. :) They were both very touched and kept asking my sister and I to eat with them, but we insisted they sleep in while we took care of the dishes and everything else. It was very hard for them to let go of their parental duties, even for a morning, but eventually we got them to relax.

I wanted to dedicate this act to you and your inspirational work, and the amazing way you think about increasing the compassion around and within us all :) I'm always blown away by the situations and reflection questions you bring up during our weekly calls.




Posted by Vishesh Gupta on Jul 31, 2014

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