Ganoba-ji Inspires, Even Through His Passing
--Harshida Mehta
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Jul 29, 2014


While meditating yesterday morning, I felt a strong urge to go meet with Ganoba-ji in the hospital. As many of you may know, he and his wife used to come to Awakin Circles throughout the last decade. After his wife's passing, Ganoba-ji spent more time in the bay-area and would come regularly. In fact, even during those times when he wasn't local, we would get his RSVP every single week -- because he wanted to listen to the audio recordings. He blessed many of us, in beautiful ways.

So, after Dinesh and I finished our meditation, we left a message for both his daughters (Vandana and Sarita) to see if we could visit him. In just a span of couple weeks, Ganoba-ji's went from normal health to not being able to breath with a respirator. We didn't hear from the daughters, but we figured they must be occupied -- and went anyway.

We were there until 12.30PM. He was very aware of our presence and held our hands. There was no fear of unknown. Just fatigue. My first question to him was, “Is the meditation going well?" And he smiled, looked deeply into my eyes and said yes. I had taken a little Medicine Buddha that Rev Hung Sure had given me when we were at CTTB few years ago, and offered it to him. He held it in his hand and near his heart.

After a few moments, he said both to both of us: "Aap to rishi ho." (You are Rishis.) He always had a very loving way to see the highest potential in everyone. He then asked Vandana to take a photo with both of us on his sides. He asked for water and asked me to give him a sip. It was beautiful. We mediated with Dinesh on one side and I on the other holding his hands in ours.

Then he asked for water again. Sarita brought the cup. He asked Dinesh to put his finger in it and then put the finger on his forehead. Dinesh did that. He then said, “Har chijko muhse lena jaruri nahi hain. Kahin sparshse, kahin ankhse, kahin dilse ..." (Everything need not be sensed through our mouth; some things via touch, or sight, or the heart.) Dinesh smilingly added, "Aur kahin 'presence' se" (And sometimes through presence.) He smiled back, in his characteristically joyous way, and agreed with his eyes.  He was very grateful for his deep connection to many ServiceSpace friends -- from California to Mumbai to online -- just as so many of us were grateful to have known him.  (An upcoming Awakin reading will be authored by him.)

Last night, Rajesh (Kadam) was with him.  At 2:45AM, he asked him to call Vandana and his family.  Rajesh held his hand for the next hour, while he was only communicating by hand squeezes.  At 3:45AM, within moments of his family arriving, he passed away fully conscious, aware -- with a gentle ease and unshakable peace.

They say that the last minutes of your life reflect how you have lived your life, and Ganoba-ji was an inspiring example of that.

I was also deeply touched with the love, understanding, affection and Bhakti (spirited devotion) of his daughters who were tending to him in each moment -- and with a profound sense of courage. May every daughter offer that to her parents and may every parent die with such wisdom and deep understanding.      


Posted by Harshida Mehta on Jul 29, 2014

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