DailyGood Crosses 50,000!

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Jun 26, 2007
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http://www.just-frag.it/supporto/blog/img/exclamation.gifOn June 22, DailyGood crossed 50,000 active (as in real, non-bouncing emails) subscribers!   In a way, there's no big deal about the number 50,000.

But from another point of view, it's a nice round numbered meditation on the power of small.  DailyGood is one little email from CharityFocus reaches people on every continent on the planet, it moves CEOs of major corporations and foundations, it provides stories to share for school teachers in Zambia and Nepal, it changes conversations at many family meals, it touches the lives on Native American reservations where they print it out and post it on their bulletin board everyday.  People regularly write to us that DailyGood has changed their life -- "Whoever you are, behind this daily email, thank you!"

Such a small thing, yet after years of unconditional service, its ripples become glaringly obvious. 

More than a decade ago, DailyGood started as Quote-A-Day -- in fact, I still can't stop calling it by that name -- with 4 subscribers who had no choice to op-out. :)   And then we just kept sending the email, day after day after day, non-stop.  Emails expanded, subscribe base expanded but it was all delivered without any agendas or advertisements.  Just a simple intention  that may-all-the-good-blossom.

DailyGood has seen so many editors and volunteers in the past years, but major kudos to Viral, Pavi and Tripp for leading the charge.

Next stop -- 100,000?  It took us about 14 months to go from 25K to 50K.  Let's see when we hit 100K.

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