Karma Highway :)

Posted by Priya Shah on Jul 28, 2014
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After yesterday's Karma Kitchen, I was telling my Dad some stories and was excited when he forwarded me a pay-it-forward story in the paper this morning that included anecdotes like this:

We were driving home from L.A. on Interstate 5 and stopped at the Starbucks off Laval Road just after the Grapevine. Going through the long drive through queue we get to the window and the cashier says, "The car in front paid for your order. Would you like to pay it forward to the next car?" Thinking that was such a great gesture, we did. Driving home, I wondered how many cars ahead of us that pay-it-forward string started and how many cars behind us did it last. It made the drive on I-5 bearable knowing a good deed was done to you and that you're doing one as well.  

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